How long is the customization process for the policies and procedures manual?Our policies customization process is very detailed that undergo various levels to ensure all licensure requirements are met. This process takes about a 2 -3 weeks. When the initial phase is completed the policy are sent to the client for review and approval. The policies go through a final review process when the client approval is received. The final review process takes about a week.
Do i need to be a nurse or a medical personnel to start a medical staffing agency/nurse staffing agency or home care agency?No, you do not need to be a nurse or health care professional to own a medical staffing agency, or a non medical home care business. A medical staffing agency or home care agency is run and operated like any other business. Our start up guide provides you with all the needed information to start, register, license and run a successful medical staffing business.
Is the E-Book package different from a regular book edition?Our E-Book package has the same content as our hard copy package. However, our E-Book is cheaper.
What are your terms of payment?We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.
How do I download the E-Book?Once we receive a successful payment, you will receive email direction regarding how your E-Book can be downloaded. Emails are sent immediately after purchase and E-Book can be downloaded immediately.
What is the system requirement for the download to work on my computer?Microsoft word and PDF is required
Is it safe to purchase from your web site?Precision is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. All information collected and submitted to us on our web site is held in strictest confidence pursuant to our Privacy Policy. We never disclose our customers’ personal information to third parties without their consent, unless required by law. We are also very committed to preventing identify theft and take additional steps to verify every purchase. Occasionally this may delay your order.
Is there a number I can call for additional support?Yes, please contact us at 1-877-743-8126, Ext 0 or email us at books@medicalstaffingmanuals.com for any additional support.
What is the refund policy?We have a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. E-Books are subject to partial refund.
What is the start-up cost for starting an agency?The start-up cost for starting an agency is very minimal. Our manuals provide detailed information regarding start-up cost and financing options.