Precision Management and Consulting Services (PMCS) was started to service a major niche in the health care industry. We concentrate our skills and experience to create successful health care organizations dedicated to providing quality care and services.

Precision Management and Consulting services are built on a strong foundation of individualized attention for each client. Our consultants are highly experienced. We understand that every health care business and every situation is different. We take the time to understand your unique needs and develop a comprehensive plan to fit your business.

We specialize in health care staffing, community-based health care, and long-term care companies that include:
  • Adult Day Care
  • Home Health and Non-Medical Home Care Companies
  • Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Medical Staffing
  • Durable and Home Medical Equipment companies
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) business
  • Group Home businesses
  • Sleep Lab Clinics
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation Service Providers
We provide a variety of health care consulting services that include:
  • Startup Consulting
  • Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies
  • Policies and Procedures Development
  • Health Care Business Licensure
  • Durable and Home Medical Equipment companies
  • Accreditation
  • Medical Credentialing
  • Medical Factoring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Marketing and Advertising services
Our team of experienced consultants provides healthcare consulting services that are as wide ranging and diverse as the healthcare field itself. From small, one day engagements to large, multi-year undertakings, our team of consulting professionals are accustomed to handling the varying needs of today's healthcare providers.Having worked with the majority of leading healthcare organizations, we have the proven ability to identify and solve strategic start-up, organizational and operational challenges. This allows our clients to be market leaders and deliver exceptional patient care and experience.

PMCS has helped numerous clients explore new business opportunities or enhance existing operations. We have evaluated the market demand and financial potential for numerous ventures including home care, assisted living, non-emergency transportation, adult day care and other types of businesses.

Our studies frequently include:
  • Existing or potential consumer surveys and demographic analysis
  • Consumer research to determine service mix and pricing
  • Executive interviews
  • Analysis of comparable ventures
  • Estimation of startup costs
  • Pro forma financial analyses
  • Identification of factors that can enhance revenues
  • Marketing recommendations

Every health care business is required to have a policy and procedure manual. Merely possessing a generic P&P manual is not enough. The P&P manual mustreflect the actual procedures of the business and contain the requirements needed to meet licensure approval.

There are also specific State and Federal requirements that every health care business is expected to incorporate into their manuals. Most importantly, the health care business is required to adhere to their policies and procedures.

But where do you start? You start with PMCS!

Our regulatory and operations consultants can assist your staff in developing or customizing a P&P manual that sufficiently reflect the state and federal requirements. We will also create a process that will allow your business to update and modify the policies, as needed.

PMCS experts have years of experience in P&P development and operational evaluation and can provide your team with valuable insights and recommendations. Let PMCS help you.

Many people ask "What do you need to start your own Health care business? What kind of license do you have to apply for?" But, not many know where to start. Our regulatory and operations consultants are available to complete the entire licensure process for your business. We will help you complete the licensure application packet, prepare all supporting documents and submit to the licensing entity on your behalf.

Accreditation is a process of review that healthcare organizations participate in to demonstrate the ability to meet regulatory requirements and accreditation standards established by a recognized accreditation organization. In some states, accreditation can be substituted for the state licensure process of a health care business.

Our Consultants are trained in Accreditation Standards, survey approach, and processes that help better our healthcare clients for the accreditation survey. All of our Consultants are committed to providing quality consulting services. They are required to attend a comprehensive training course as well as completing a competency assessment.

Over the years, our team of Accreditation Consultants has been instrumental in helping many healthcare businesses receive and maintain their accreditation. We have assisted DME/HME businesses, Medical Staffing companies; home health and hospice companies achieve accreditation or certification with Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC),Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), and The Joint Commission (TJC).

Our Accreditation consultants will:
  • Ensure regulatory standards are met in a practical, efficient manner.
  • Conduct mock surveys onsite or remotely to assure compliance.
  • Develop detailed action plans for an agency to utilize.
  • Assist in becoming ACHC, CHAP or TJC accredited.
  • Educate agency management and staff on regulations and laws.
  • Provide ongoing support to the management staff

Medical Credentialing (sometimes referred to as "insurance credentialing" or "provider enrollment") is the process of becoming affiliated with an insurance company so that you (the medical provider) can accept third party reimbursement.

We Provide Insurance Credentialing Services to:
  • Home health agencies,
  • Hospice and Palliative Care
  • DME/HME companies
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Service Providers

By servicing various types of health care businesses, we've been able to established strong, long-term connections and personal relationships with many insurance companies. As a result, we can save you time and money on what could otherwise be a lengthy and strenuous credentialing process.

PMCS assist you with:
  • Enrollment with Medicaid waiver programs
  • Insurance Credentialing Services
  • Workers Compensation Programs
  • Veterans Programs

Medical factoring helps companies that bill private insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid, and have cash flow problems due to slow payments. Medical factoring allows all types of healthcare providers alleviate cash flow problems caused by slow payments from Insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare.

PMCS factoring program can finance your medical insurance claims in as little as 24 hours after account setup.

The cost of factoring your medical receivables varies based on the size of the financing facility, the creditworthiness of your insurance providers, and other criteria. Generally, costs range from 0.69% to 3.5% per 30 days.

Why Choose PMCS Medical Factoring?
  • Your health care business will have immediate access to a dependable cash flow.
  • Your health care business will receive the cash it needs within 24 hours of your submission of claims.
  • You will have a funding partner that can help you maximize your profits.
  • Financing Rates at 0.69% - 3.5%
  • No Financials - No monthly minimums - No invoice minimums
  • No fees - No audits - No up-front fees - No hidden fees
  • Set up account in 1 business day- We Make Same Day Decisions- 24 hr. funding thereafter
  • Credit Lines starting at $5,000 & up

PMCS healthcare mergers and acquisitions (M&A) team specializes in helping small to medium size health care businessesto reach their goals. Our M&A team combine the depth of our experience in due diligence and valuation with our healthcare industry experience. In addition to our experience, we draw supplementary resources from our legal consulting, audit, and tax professionals. Our M&A team have been involved in hundreds of health care acquisitions and due diligence activities. Our team equips our clients with the qualitative and quantitative assessments necessary to address potential challenges and make informed decisions on the front-end, all prior to a binding agreement. Once a transaction is underway, our team helps finalize negotiations to close the deal—and supports our clients to ensure an efficient and successful integration after the acquisition.

Our Process:

PHASE 1: Provide the documentation, benchmarking and other supportive information necessary for assessing and quantifying your business risk and minimizing your exposure, while maximizing the opportunities that exist.
  • Assisting in the preliminary due diligence of the identified partner.
  • Assessing the target organization's market, programs, facilities, strategic initiatives, and financial condition.
  • Evaluating and quantifying capital and operating synergies
  • Completing financial projections for the combined organization.
  • Providing an overall assessment of the target organization's strategic and financial fit.
PHASE 2: Provide accurate and reliable valuations using the most up-to-date industry and professional standards to ensure you make the best business decisions.
  • Identifying the major business elements of the proposal, covering which assets/entities will be included and which liabilities will be assumed.
  • Assessing debt compatibility and financing alternatives
  • Developing transaction structuring alternatives and a governnce structure.
  • Providing an initial valuation.
  • Assisting in the development of the offer to the target.
  • Negotiate the best possible price and related terms, and execute the transaction.
PHASE 3: Perform targeted acquisition searches, deal structuring and short-/long-term business planning to facilitate the best possible outcomes.
  • Developing, negotiating, and executing a letter of intent.
  • Coordinating comprehensive due diligence.
  • Negotiating a definitive agreement.
  • Closing the transaction.

PMCS Marketing and Advertising team understand the unique challenges of healthcare marketing. We have experience health care companies. While PMCS Marketing and Advertising produces great work for any market, we do have special knowledge and expertise in assisted living, adult day care, HME/DME business, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Home care and hospice.

We provide the following services:
  • Healthcare Branding
  • Senior Living Marketing
  • Medical Website Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • For more information visit our marketing and advertising page

At PMCS we believe all our services are essential to the success of every business. From obtaining licensure to credentialing and marketing, we provide multiple services to maximize the potential of your business and achieve growth. Please complete the form below to begin your journey with us.