"In 2008, I got laid off from my customer service job of 8 years and had problems finding another job. I decided to start my own non medical home care business. With the excellent training and support from Precision Services, I now have a good business with decent compensation to support my family. Not only do I love my business but I am able to assist the elderly people in my community with quality services to help them remain in their homes."

Maria Martinez, Wilmington,NC

"The non medical home care workshop is a good training. I had started a non medical business but was not getting any customers. After i attended the workshop, i realized weaknesses in my marketing model and also learned other service lines and other options to generate more revenue. Precision helped me build a successful business by improving my marketing strategies and also hire quality staff. It is an excellent manual and I recommend it to anyone."

M. Fearington, CEO, Raleigh NC

"The NEMT Start up business guide offered by Precision was informative and well designed. It allowed me to effectively start an NEMT business in my area. The information provided in the manual made the start-up, Medicaid licensure process effortless. It also provided instructions on how to purchase transportation vehicles and that was helpful. I highly recommend the NEMT manual.

A. Mensah, CEO and founder of a Home Care Business, Richmond VA

"I had started a nurse staffing business, but did not have an operations manual and was not sure how to obtain one. The nurse staffing agency manual and operation system helped me streamline my business. It offers expert advice on various topics I was not aware of. I also use the operations manual and forms on a daily basis to run my business. I highly recommend this manual to anyone that is interested in starting a nurse agency. Start your business right by obtaining this useful manual."

Estella Hernandez, Minneapolis, MN

"Thanks to Precision Services for all your support and guidance in helping us start our own DME business. The start up guide and workshop helped with every step of starting our business. The Precision team was also available anytime we had questions. We now have a successful business with many clients in the Rochester and surrounding areas."

P Sibley and H Sibley, Manager and founder of a Medical staffing business, Rochester NY